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Debut Recording Project

December ’15 Happy Orchestra successfully funded a $7500 Kickstarter campaign to record their debut album! From drummer and founder Tarik Abouzied:

“Playing for and with you all makes me happy. The level of talent around me is astounding, the community that supports this music scene is as strong as I’ve ever seen, and contributing to that has been incredibly life affirming. I have fun, I’m challenged in every dimension, and at the end of the day the effort I’ve put forth has gone to something 100% positive. I wanted more, and so Happy Orchestra was born.

It’s been about a year of writing, rehearsing, and performing with Happy in its many sizes and flavors. Whether a trio in a tiny bar or the six-piece lineup on a venue stage, it’s been important to me that I’m surrounded with humans I love and respect both as musicians and people. I’m lucky enough to live in a place where that’s an easy reality to create, and now it’s time to document that reality and share it with all of you!”

The year-long project will feature musical greats from the northwest and beyond including Abouzied, Skerik, Thomas Marriott, Andy Coe, RL Heyer, Tim Kennedy, Joe Doria, Ian Sheridan, Damian Erskine and more. Kickstarter backers are getting their discs now with an official release planned for fall 2017!

Abouzied, Sheridan, Coe, and Kennedy in-studio
Abouzied, Sheridan, Coe, and Kennedy in-studio

You can stay up to date with the project and hear in-progress samples at the Kickstarter Update Page. Thanks for the support!