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Interview with The Mixtape on 97.3 KIRO!

Happy Orchestra founder Tarik Abouzied was interviewed by Sean DeTore of The Mixtape on 97.3 FM KIRO Seattle ahead of the release of the band’s first single “Baba”! Here’s a snippet:

tm: You dedicated Baba to your father and in the liner notes you reveal that your father wasn’t too keen on supporting this album financially.

Would your father be proud of this album? Would he listen to it and NOT think it was a waste of his (and others’) money?

TA: Haha, he would be absolutely appalled at the financial picture of the album, may say one nice thing about one song, and probably tell me it’s not very good overall. He only liked soft, adult-contemporary world music so it’s just not his taste, and records aren’t profit-making endeavors so, to him, they represent a waste of time and effort. He’s probably right in some ways, but it’s just something I’m compelled to do. He had a strange idea of what success looked like for a musician which, from what I could tell, was that I should be playing in Vegas with Celine Dion. He was a weird guy.

Read the whole interview here!